Fr. John has contacts in the Philippines and was aware of the situation in Pampanga and the production of WoW Bags.

In 1992 Mt. Pinatubo erupted and many villages were buried under volcanic rock and mud.

The bags are made by the women of the Wenceslau resettlement village. They are made from discarded fruit juice pouches. They come in various sizes and are very strong.

The Parish Justice & Peace Group decided to adopt the sale of these as a project to help the village.

Details of the bags that are available can be found at Wonders of Waste Catalogue or or by leaving a message with the parish office for Michele.

You can see the women making these bags by going to Wonders of Wenceslao Bags (This will take a few seconds to load)

The bags were sold in the Drill Hall during Ware Dickensian Evening 2011 and photographs taken that evening can be found at Dickensian Evening (This will take a few seconds to load)

We received News Sheet from the Philippines from time to time. These can be viewed by going to

WoW News Christmas 2011
WoW News Christmas 2012
WoW News April 2013
WoW News Christmas 2013
WoW News Autumn 2014
WoW News Christmas 2014
(These will take a few seconds to load)

A cheque for £518 has been sent in 2012 to the WOW bag project in respect of sales at Christchurch, St Augustines, St Thomas (Puckeridge) and Glaxo Smith Kline.

Since we started selling the bags just over a year ago we have sent them a staggering £2,518 !!! That money will mean so much to the families in the Philippines, so thank you everyone for your help with the sales and for buying them as well.
In 2011 we sent £1,000
In 2012 we sent£1,518

In addition to the WOW Project we also support Subanen crafts in the Philippines. We have sent a cheque for £750 in respect of cards sold mainly in the parish. Details of Sabanen crafts can be found at

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