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Sacred Heart Church, Ware - Working against Human Trafficking

The Ladies Group of the Parish together with the Justice & Peace Group have been in a small way in the forefront of the work against Human Trafficking. An International Conference of Police Chiefs held in Rome on the 9th & 10th April 2014 was the result of a talk, by Kevin Hyland, in the parish hall in 2010.

Click on the links and listen to the story of the fight against human trafficking.

Detective Inspector Kevin Hyland's address to the 'Combating Human Trafficking' conference in Rome on 09 April 2014. At the end of Kevin's presentation, he refers to Thomas Clarkson. Thomas Clarkson travelled from Cambridge to London on horseback to present an essay. He broke his journey at Wadesmill (part of our parish), where he had a thought which lead him to devote his life to the abolition of the slave trade. The link to Kevin's presentation is: http://www.catholicchurch.org.uk/Home/Special-Events/Combating-Human-Trafficking-Rome-Conference/Speeches/DI-Kevin-Hyland

Detective Inspector Kevin Hyland heads up the London Metropolitan Police's Human Trafficking Unit. He has worked closely with the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales for many years.

Described by host Julie Etchingham as a "keystone for the developing partnership between the Catholic Church and the Metropolitan Police", Kevin Hyland set the tone on day one and spoke of the value of building effective partnerships to combat human trafficking and modern slavery.

If you wish to see the first day of the conference go to: http://www.catholicchurch.org.uk/Home/Special-Events/Combating-Human-Trafficking-Rome-Conference/REPLAY-Day-One (you may wish to skip to 12 minutes of this video as this is really where it starts).

Further information regarding Thomas Clarkson can be found at:

- (.pdf) - Newsletter No 2 Jun 2012
- (.pdf) - Newsletter No 1 Jul 2011

Next Meetings:
Lea Valley Parishes Justice & Peace Open Evening Friday 22nd September 7:30pm in the Parish Centre

This is an opportunity to hear how our Parishes are responding to social issues affecting human dignity at home and abroad, and to share experiences and ideas. We shall discuss possible actions for the future and Deacon Adrian will review the recent presentation on Human Trafficking given by Mike Duthie of the Santa Marta organisation.

Please come along as individuals - there will be refreshments too! .

Contact : adriancullen@rcdow.org.uk or John Vaughan-Shaw 01920 822440

You can find all of the group minutes here (all .doc):

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